The Neighbor

Every twist and turn adds more excitement to an incisively written murder plot storyline that is sure to stir readers’ curiosity from beginning to end. The Neighbor is a compelling novel that spells pure entertainment for its readers!

A stunning and very famous country singer in her early-twenties lives in the secluded and well-protected Las Tres Villas in Hollywood, California. A handsome and very skilled plastic surgeon in his mid-thirties that has a successful office in Beverly Hills moves next door to the singer.”

The Neighbor is a fictional suspense-thriller written by Eliana Alexander that tells the story of Caroline Geish, a world-famous country singer who lives a perfect life but was framed for murder and was taken to jail after meeting with Adrien Martel, a handsome and successful plastic surgeon who moves next door.

“Eliana’s first novel, The Neighbor, due out this month, is a fictional suspense-thriller about murder, dark secrets, and a world-famous country singer accused of a heinous crime. The new novel does not disappoint. It’s a thrill-ride from start to finish with plot development and intrigue only a seasoned talent could create.”

- Belinda Quesada, Contributing Writer

Published on LatinoLA: December 17, 2012

The Neighbor, by Eliana Alexander, quickly roused my taste for a juicy murder-mystery thriller that could involve any major Hollywood celebrity. In her first novel, Alexander navigates readers through a sinister backdrop of Hollywood glitz, shocking family secrets, and a ruthless homicide. The book’s central character, country starlet Caroline Geish, kept me searching through a mosaic of tantalizing clues to discover her fate.”

 - Elia Esparza, Editor, Latin Heat Entertainment

“...Alexander takes you into a world filled with suspense, unexpected revenge and well crafted characters that revolves around such a twisted plot, it will keep you on the edge of your seat...”

- Cece, Host of Los Angeles morning show, Tattoo &Cece on 93.5 KDAY

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